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  • Sharpening   >

    Drop your blades by the shop and we'll put an edge on for you readily.  Please help us by cleaning your equipment before bringing it to us.


    If you've purchased a knife from us, we'll sharpen it at no cost.

    See Refurbishing and Cleaning.


    We do not sharpen swords, electric blades, or paper cutters.

    Knives…   $5 per blade

    Axes… $7.50

    Cheese Cutters… $15

    Chisels… $4

    Daggers… $10

    Gardening Shears… $7.50

    Hairdresser Shears… $10

    Lawn Mower Blades… $10

    Meat Slicers… $10 and up

    Scissors… $7.50

  • Refurbishing and Cleaning   >


    One of the great things about our knives is that they can be refurbished readily. Whether a fixed blade or a folder, we can service your knife so that it looks great again and performs the way it was intended. Even knives need a little TLC from time to time.


    Some of our knives have special features that cannot be refurbished.



    Folding Knife Services:


    ⊲  “Spa treatment”:

    Included with Warranty

    Cleaning, tuning, and sharpening at no charge other than return shipping, as long as your knife has not been modified outside of our shop.


    Knives with wood, carbon fiber, and mammoth inlays are hand polished before the inlays are installed and the inlays cannot be removed, therefore, the handles cannot be re-polished. We absolutely will, however, clean and inspect these handles before they are assembled back to your knife.


    ⊲  Blades (re-polish or re-tumble): $30.00

    Available only for S30V or S35VN blades


    ⊲  Handles (re-sandblast): No Charge

    TiLock handles, cannot be tumbled (stonewashed) again because of its particular lock mechanism. The tumbling will round the corners and compromise the mechanism to no longer function safely and correctly.



    ⊲   Wood Inlay Repolish: $30.00

    Fixed Blade Services:


    ⊲   Re-Condition: $30.00

    Sandblast, Re-coat with KG Gun-KoteTM, Sharpen

  • Part Replacement   >

  • Customization  >

    Engraving on back above lock-bar (Plain Titanium Only): $45.00

    Single Thumb Lug (n/a on BG42 and Regular blades): $35.00

    Double Thumb Lug (n/a on BG42 and Regular blades): $35.00

  • Warranty  >

    It is important that every knife we make performs to its optimum. We  make every effort to ensure that each knife leaving our workshop is correct in every aspect. For this reason, we will clean, tune, and sharpen our folding knives and clean and sharpen our fixed blade knives, under warranty (you just pay for shipping), as long as the knife has not been modified in any way outside of our shop. Our lifetime warranty is to back up the functionality of the product not necessarily the aesthetics of the knife.



    This Warranty does not apply:

    (a) to consumable parts, such as protective coatings that will naturally diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;

    (b) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and faded anodized parts unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;

    (c) to damage caused by use with a third party component or product that does not meet the CRK product’s specifications;

    (d) to damage caused by disassembly, accident, abuse, misuse, or other external cause;

    (e) to damage caused by service (including "upgrades" and cosmetic treatments) performed by anyone who is not a representative of CRK;

    (f) to a CRK Product that has been modified to alter functionality, capability, or cosmetic appeal, including but not limited to lock-bar adjustment, non-CRK factory supplied part replacement, anodizing and/or heat anodizing, sandblasting/bead-blasting, polishing, or any other form of resurfacing by a non-CRK employee;

    (g) to a CRK Product assembled by a non-CRK employee with parts outside of its factory original configuration, e.g. blade or hardware swapping.



    To summarize: If a knife has been modified outside of our shop, the warranty will be void.


    With all that said, please contact us if you find a seemingly incorrect detail, or if your knife develops a problem after you have had it awhile. “Diagnostics at a distance” are difficult, so it is usually necessary for the knife to be returned to us, but we will advise you accordingly.


    We reserve the right to change our product at any time to keep competitive in the market place and/or improve production methods. Retrofit, or upgrades to fit the "latest" model is not possible for the majority of changes. However, the previous iteration often becomes a collectible.


    If you submit a claim to CRK in which repairs fall outside of warranty, CRK will, at its option, repair the CRK Product using new parts at your expense plus the cost of shipping. Unless the CRK Product is brought back to factory standards, we will no longer be able to provide servicing.

Sending your knife to CRK for Spa Treatment, Warranty Work or Sharpening?



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