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What do I need to tell you about my CAD Custom design?

When describing the piece that you want, try to think if you want a "landscape" or if you want "pine trees, a lake, and twenty stars."  Both descriptions are enough for us to work with, but will affect the drawing that you get!


If your first description only says "landscape" and we make you a design with palm trees on the beach, and after you receive it you say, I meant "pine trees, a lake, and twenty stars," this may count as a new design and a new drawing fee may apply, depending on how much requires changing.


Reference images, photos, and other custom pieces you admire all help us know what you are thinking.  If you have a specific layout in mind, make a quick sketch - stick figures work just fine! You may request a handle outline from us, if that helps you bring your idea from your mind to paper.




     •   Do you want your artwork to cover the whole handle or just a portion? Should we center the graphic or would you prefer it to be off to one side? Note: Simple Letter Engraving and Logo Engraving Packages are only offered in areas specified under the item description.

     •   Do you like simple line work or three dimensional shaded work?

     •   Stipple shading or engraving style texture?

     •   Jewel tone colors or muted earth tones?

     •   Polished or sandblasted finish?



File Formats

We prefer vector based graphics in any of the following formats:  .DXF, .SVG, .Ai

If you are unsure, you may also send us a photo of your artwork in any format such as:  .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD, or .PDF

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