Lisa's Pick: July 2014:
Large Sebenza 21, Unique Graphic, S35VN handle: $535
Small Sebenza 21, Unique Graphic, S35VN handle: $480 -SOLD

This is a gallery where Large and Small Unique Sebenza 21's will be showcased. These are a few of our favorites and of course the coveted Lisa's Pick of the month will be displayed. Each Unique Sebenza is entirely a one-off piece of machining art created by hand by our artist Lisa L'Eveque-Hague. With every crisp line of design and the iridescent hues of anodizing, comes the beautiful functionality of the Unique Sebenza. Please bear in mind that although Lisa will not duplicate any design, she can make something similar. This is true for any Unique Sebenza you might find on other websites – if you find something you like, please feel free to send us a picture when you place your order.