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One of the great things about our knives is that they can be refurbished readily. Whether fixed blade or folder, we can service your knife so that it looks great again and performs the way it was intended.

Sending your knife to CRK for Spa Treatment, Warranty work or Sharpening:
From within the USA
From outside the USA

Folding knives: “spa treatment” includes clean, tune and sharpening at no charge other than return shipping.

Fixed blades: Sharpening at no cost other than return shipping. A refurbish includes the removal of existing KG GunKote™, recoating and sharpening.

For an outline of costs, please see the above price list and, if you have any questions in this regard, please contact us.

We reserve the right to change our product at any time to keep competitive in the market place and/or improve production methods. Retrofit is not possible for the majority of changes – and often, the previous iteration becomes a collectable. 
It is important that every knife that we make performs to its optimum. We will make every effort to ensure that each knife leaving our workshop is correct in every aspect. If you find that there is a detail that you believe is incorrect, please contact us and discuss your thoughts with us. Likewise, if your knife develops a problem after you have had it a while, please contact us. “Diagnostics at a distance” are difficult so it is usually necessary for the knife to be returned to us, but we will advise you accordingly. 

Each knife is shipped with a guarantee card that describes the knife – warranty wording reads:

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